3. August 2014

Time flies when you are having fun.

Today we are already saying good-bye again. Theology students from all over Europe have discussed the questions of humour in the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament and in pastoral care. The Gospel is good news of course, so can we not be more cheerful in church? Why can we not show our joy in the love of God with laughter and mirth? But can't we? I have found out once more that indeed we can and we do. We did laugh much and we were also quite serious at times. The responsibilty waiting for these, our future pastors and ministers is a great one, but if it is a burden, a Spirit of joy will held them carry it. The most important aspect to be considered at all times is that we remain authentic in our mission, whether as theologians or simply as Christians. Laughter that is put on like a mask, does not have the healing qualities of a genuine smile. Someone who is not inclined to jest should maybe not force himself to tell jokes, but no one should have to fake emotions and no one should have to hide the sheer joy in the love of God.

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